Create Your Day

The core of Person Centered Practices revolves around empowering individuals to create their best life. By supporting individuals to plan out their day, we can encourage the people we support to shape and create a life that they can be proud of and feel good about. We listen to the desires of the individuals in our services and connect them with community resources so they can reach their full potential and have a life that is exciting, fun, and meaningful.

What does a day look like for the people we support? The answer to this question is as diverse as the population we serve. Individuals who enjoy working with animals volunteer with local animal shelters and rescue groups. Those looking to increase their independence can participate in a community cooking class or safety and awareness training. Individuals looking to increase their health and well being are connected to local gyms and fitness centers where they participate in classes such as Yoga and water aerobics. Maybe they have a desire to express themselves through art. We connect individuals to groups and classes that give them the opportunity to share their talent with those in their community. The opportunities presented to the individuals we support are endless, and are only limited by their desires and wishes.

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