Supported Employment

Supported employment services play a crucial role in empowering individuals with disabilities to find and maintain meaningful employment.

Overview of Services


  • A trained Employment Specialist evaluates the individual’s skills, interests, and abilities
  • This assessment helps identify suitable job opportunities based on the person’s unique strengths


  • Collaboratively, the individual, Employment Specialist, and potential employers create a customized employment plan.
  • The plan outlines goals, accommodations, and strategies to ensure successful job placement.

Job Development

  • Employment Specialists actively seek out job openings that align with the individual’s profile.
  • They engage with employers, advocating for inclusive hiring practices and promoting the benefits of hiring someone with a disability.

Job Coaching

  • During the initial stages of employment, job coaches provide on-site support.
  • They help the individual learn job tasks, adapt to the workplace, and build confidence.

Long-Term Support

  • Even after successful placement, ongoing support is essential.
  • Job coaches continue to assist with any challenges, ensuring job retention and growth.

Benefits for Employers

  • Dedicated and Loyal Employees: Individuals with disabilities often exhibit strong commitment and loyalty.
  • Reduced Turnover Rates: Hiring the right fit reduces turnover costs.
  • Pre-Screening of Candidates: Employment Specialists match candidates to job requirements.
  • Access to an Untapped Labor Pool: People with disabilities represent a talented workforce.
  • Tax Credits: Employers may qualify for tax incentives.

Why Hire Someone with a Disability?

  • Inclusive Workplaces: It aligns with government guidelines and fosters a positive corporate culture.
  • Improves Corporate Culture: Diverse teams enhance creativity and innovation.
  • Untapped Talent: People with disabilities bring unique perspectives and skills.

Remember, supported employment services bridge the gap, creating opportunities for everyone to contribute to the workforce.