Person Centered Thinking (PCT)

Liberty Corner Enterprises is dedicated to providing effective and meaningful training and education to our staff and members of our community. By sharing the principles that surround person centered thinking, we can further empower individuals to be in control of their lives.

What is Person Centered Thinking?

  • Person Centered Thinking is both a philosophy and skill set used to ensure every person is in the heart of the decisions made in their lives. Person Centering Thinking and Practice provides proven positive change in serving people; and empowers people to live their best possible life by honoring their ability to make informed choices.

Who can benefit from a Person Centered Thinking Workshop?

Many industries can benefit from PCT training, including:

  • Mental Health and IDD Providers
  • School Systems
  • Public Service Agencies

Liberty Corner’s Person Centered Thinking Trainer is affiliated with the Learning Community for Person Centered Thinking, and brings years of experience teaching and applying Person Centered Thinking Practices.

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North Carolina Interventions (NCI)

North Carolina Interventions is a crisis intervention curriculum that empowers individuals responding to a crisis with the tools they need to successfully deescalate the situation. This training is setup in two parts. Part A focuses on verbal techniques that can be used to help calm and reassure a person when they are experiencing a crisis situation. Part B includes physical interventions, which highlights techniques that can be used to keep a crisis responder safe should a situation escalate into physical or property abuse.

NCI is designed to:

  • Build the framework to create positive, therapeutic relationships
  • Encourage and foster decision making and problem solving
  • Educate crisis responders in assessing the risk for escalating behavior
  • Equip crisis responders with the tools necessary to be effective at early crisis intervention

For more information on NCI and how to schedule a class with one of our trainers, please contact [email protected]

Meet Our Trainer

Our trainer is skilled at teaching Person Centered Thinking and NCI to organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. Her upbeat, fun and humorous approach to learning can make a workshop or training event educational, insightful, and fun. Contact us to learn more about LCE’s approach to education, and schedule a personalized training event for your company!

Jen Waite

NCI Trainer
PCT Trainer