Our Mission & Values

Liberty Corner Enterprises Inc. embraces the vision that individuals of all ages and abilities have the supports needed to enjoy the rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and the opportunity to have a good life in their Community.    

Having a Good Life means different things to different people.  A Good Life includes joy and happiness, health and safety, hopes and dreams, meaningful personal/community activities, intimate relationships with family, friends and significant others, having a home, having a real job, having control over how ones money is spent, and having the ability to contribute to family and community.

We believe that a Good Life is best led by the voice of the individuals, and that their choices and ideas are respected and followed using Person Centered Principles.

Our Vision: The Next Ten Years
Adopted on March 23, 2017

As LCE celebrates 30 Years of providing supports and services to people with disabilities in Western North Carolina, we look forward to carrying out a refreshed vision in the next 10 years.

People are supported to live their lives independently, make informed choices, and achieve their dreams.

Our Direct Support Professionals are valued, compensated, and educated to provide excellent services and supports to individuals at home, at work, and at play in their communities.

People have access to modern technology and community resources to achieve greater independence.

We are ambassadors; sharing LCE’s unique approach to providing services through Person Centered Practices.

People have a voice and an opportunity to grow as individuals to be valued, contributing members of their communities.

LCE is dedicated to hiring, training, developing and retaining the best people while providing a livable wage.

Every member of the LCE community is acknowledged as an important contributor.

LCE is committed to support people in creating happy and healthy lives.

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