Person Centered Practices

Person Centered Thinking is both a philosophy and skill set used to ensure every person is in the heart of the decisions made in their lives. Person Centering Thinking and Practice provides proven positive change in serving people; and empowers people to live their best possible life by honoring their ability to make informed choices.

Person Centered Practices are most effective when used throughout entire organizations and service systems. Person Centered Organizations consider what is important to and for the individuals receiving their services and the staff they employ, in every organizational decision. Support Development Associates and their excellent staffing team collaborated with LCE for three years to set the framework to become a Person Centered Organization. LCE continues our commitment to be a Person Centered Organization and is dedicated to the continual evolution necessary in meeting this goal.

LCE embeds Person Centered Thinking, Practices, and Planning into its every-day decision-making, service and supports provided, and how we work together. We believe it is the right thing to do for people, and we know Person Centered approaches create positive outcomes. People are in crisis less and enjoying their lives more!

The Person Centered COACHES program at LCE is a unique group of staff and people supported who engage in additional PCT Skills training and delve deeper into what the Support Development Associates and Learning Community have to offer. The COACHES program bridges the gap between classroom learning and office-type plan meetings to people’s daily lives. PCT COACHES spread these practices through the organization, empowering the people we support and the staff to use PCT skills and approaches, and promote continuous learning with each other.

LCE offers Person Centered Thinking training and COACHES training and support to each of its staff and anyone who is interested or required to participate in PCT training. Our PCT Trainer is trained and certified with The Learning Community and is available to create training that matches t the participants’ needs and desired focus.   We welcome partnerships of all kinds to walk this journey of supporting people to create their home, their day, their dreams! Click here to create your PCT Training!

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